About Kayali

Our Story

Established in 1998, Kayali International is a major importer of various tabletop and houseware products destined to the Canadian market.

Kayali is recognized for providing a great total cost value to its customers in terms of quality, product specifications, prices and services.

With its broad supply chain network and flexible production capabilities, Kayali is able to produce and provide customized solutions to its partners.

Our products range includes in-house specialized brands such as Artika, Vitrex, and Sealock as well as some of the most recognized and exclusive brands like LÂV, Marinex, Nadir, Sempre.

Our Mission

At Kayali, we are dedicated to offer the widest range of houseware items to the Canadian market. We strive to provide customized, trendy, modern, and high quality products to our customers.